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Acupuncture Services

If you have chronic symptoms or illnesses, whether physical, mental, or emotional in nature;


If your daily activities place great demands on your vitality and well-being;


If you can imagine being healthier, more balanced, more energetic than you are now;


If you are committed to improving the quality of your life... Call Rosalie Baker Lambeth.

Experience Acupuncture treatment designed to restore you to your best possible well-being. We'll listen to you, evaluate your health, and learn about your wellness goals. You'll get the personal attention you deserve at Rosalie Baker Lambeth & Associates.

Call us at 717-920-1501 to schedule your appointment.

Acupuncture services that can make you feel great, improve your vitality,

and strengthen your ability to cope with the challenges of life.


Acupuncture Services

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